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Updated: Aug 12, 2023

— by Chi-hung Cheng, COOL MAI DESIGN

"dotBRAND streamlines my client interactions, enhancing efficiency and responsiveness, while reducing unnecessary meetings and manpower costs."

As a solo freelance designer, one of my main challenges has been allocating manpower efficiently, as each project requires collaboration with different partners.


When a potential client approaches me through online channels or referrals, both parties are often unfamiliar with each other. In such cases, dotBRAND comes to my aid by helping me preliminarily filter out unsuitable cases, saving unnecessary meeting time.

In another scenario, I may be unable to arrange a meeting immediately. Prolonged scheduling can give the impression of being unresponsive and may lead to losing the client's interest. With dotBRAND, I can quickly respond to the client and, at the same time, buy some time to prepare for the meeting.

In the initial stages of my projects, frequent meetings are required to define target audiences and distribution channels before initiating the design process. dotBRAND assists me in collecting preliminary data, enabling me to gather information for a more focused second meeting. This reduces the need for extensive discussions during the first meeting and helps me save on manpower costs.

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