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Ideal Client Profile

When I started my design business, I took on all kinds of projects because of the need for income.

In the beginning, I went for a low-pricing strategy: $30 business card design, free spec works, $100 poster design, and $175 Logo design. My experience accumulated fast, but I was exhausted: I needed to do sales, project management, and design. Even worse, my strategy attracted all kinds of clients, which caused a lot of friction and exhausted me physically and mentally.

I struggled for three years until I realized I should find my ICP - IDEAL CLIENT (CUSTOMER) PROFILE. Archemeds once said, "Give me a place to stand and I shall move the earth." The ICP is that PLACE!

How did I find my ICP?

1. Narrowed down what service you are really GOOD at!

-In my case: Logo and Branding Design

2. Get to know what kind of clients NEED your service

-The pain points your ICP has.

3. Get to know what kind of clients CAN afford your service

-In my case: Software & Hardware Technology Companies

4. Get to know the reason behind those kind of clients who WANT your service

- The benefits your ICP want to have!

- In my case: because I had some knowledge about the technology, and that brought some resonation when they saw my works, and from there, they could tell my works can make them profitable.

Finding the ICP that fits you the best will save a lot of your time and energy when operating your design business!

Later, I will share more about how to MOVE THE EARTH with your ICP!

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