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As a graphic designer for many years and a startup entrepreneur for a year, I have learned the value of FOCUS. When I started focusing on one task, my design business grew four times more, and my startup performed better when I focused on doing what a CEO should do.

Designers are often faced with numerous responsibilities such as sales, project management, marketing, and design. Losing focus can hinder productivity. As a freelancer, it is crucial to concentrate on either design or business operations. Collaboration with other designers and seeking assistance when necessary can also help you succeed. Though sharing revenue with others may result in lower income in the short term, it can lead to greater success in the long run.

To be successful, leverage other people's time to your benefit. This is the key to success in every business.

In summary, focus is essential for success in both design and entrepreneurship. As a freelancer, collaborate with others to enhance productivity, and leverage other people's time for greater success. #business #design #dotBRAND #communication #projectmanagement #graphicdesign #freelancer #communicationmanagement

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