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About dotBRAND

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

This is where everything began...

I am Kevin, the co-founder of dotBrand. As a designer of 12 years, I have encountered many challenges in my design career. The most common issue was spending 50% of my time on project management and communicating with my clients. Transforming my client's ideas to visual solutions required good communication skills, accounting for 70% of the project's success rate.

Sometimes the amount of information can get overwhelming, and I found myself not asking the right questions or even had to go back to listen to the recordings again. This process should have been straightforward but slowly became time-consuming, and other problems arose.

I came up with my own survey tool, and it helped me to collect my clients' information systematically, provide accurate design directions, spend less time on design, and raise my clients' satisfaction and my brand value.

Let designers design and leave the rest to dotBRAND
Survey genie, designer management, AI generation, AI suggestions

dotBRAND provides tailored survey templates to get your client's needs and pinpoint their design preferences. I always remember how it felt the first time I interviewed my client with a friendly and detailed survey form; it looked professional! It elevates my brand image, communication skill, and, most importantly, my price! It increases the success rate of my first design proposal to my clients!

Do you want to be at the top of the competition? Welcome to talk to me!

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