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At the beginning of my design career, I had no business training, and for some reason, my networking was almost zero. I had struggled so much to find new clients, and it was a grinding experience.

I made hundreds of cold calls and emails and asked stores along the street whether they needed my design, and guess what? They didn't work out well! It was definitely a DFEDEATING experience.

After numerous failures, I finally got my first business card design (Yes, the $30 one) and a logo design project on a freelance platform. Later, I got more projects from my friend's referral and a strategic partnership. Then, I set up my ICP (Ideal Client/Customer Profile) and iterated my sales pipelines and pricing strategies.

From my experience, I learned that design is a business, and just like any business, we want to open as many channels as possible.

Channels are like our revenue streams; the more we have, the better our business will grow! So, relying on a single channel will put us in a difficult situation.

Wanna find more clients?

I have summarized a 3-STAGE HIGH GROWTH CHANNEL STRATEGY, feel free to download it! (

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